From:  Maire Reavy <>
Date:  10 Dec 2016 11:29:50 Hong Kong Time

Firefox 52 WebRTC and Web Audio Release Notes


Firefox 52 is now our Developer Edition version, and it's scheduled to go
to Beta on January 24th and to Release on March 7th.  Detailed WebRTC (plus
Web Audio) release notes for Firefox 52 are here

If anyone has any questions about the release, the notes, or possible bugs
in the code, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Noteworthy Changes:

   - *IMPORTANT:* The Screensharing whitelist is no longer needed to share
   your screen or windows. Please let us know if you find any problems!
      - Much of this work was front-end, UX/UI changes, including support
      to let the UI know what streams are "scary" to share (see bug 1284910
      ). See the meta bug
      1127522  for
      all the work that went into this.
      - Please read Jan-Ivar's blog post explaining the risks that users
      need to know about when sharing their screen or windows:

      - The new UI permission dialog for screensharing links to a SUMO
      article which is currently identical to Jan-Ivar's post, but our
SUMO team
      will be tailoring it to a less technical user before Fx 52 goes to Beta.

   - Added DTMF support. See bug 1291715
   , bug 1291714
   , bug 1313406

   - Make Pulse Audio a hard dependency on Linux so that we reduce the
   problems and maintenance associated with maintaining multiple audio
   backends. See bug 1247056

   - Renegotiation and track replacement were dropping the video resolution
   to CIF in previous releases. That is fixed by bug 1303279
    and bug 1307507

   - Added support for ICE disconnected connection state, by monitoring
   timeouts for ICE consent requests. See bug 852665

   - Added mediaDevices.ondevicechange support to Windows and Linux and
   enabled it by default. See bug 1297337
   {{bug|1300468}. (NOTE: Support for Mac was added in Fx51, but it's not
   ready to be enabled by default).

   - Almost all of the cubeb landings are to address issues with libcubeb
   on Mac and Windows or to improve debugging on future problems

   - Implemented active/inactive state for MediaStreams and support for
   stopping all MediaStreamTracks. See bug 1208316
    and bug 1301675
   , respectively.

   - Implemented 2 updates to match updates to the Web Audio spec: one to
   use linear interpolation when computing SetValueCurveAtTime events (bug
   1265401 ) and the
   other to support ConstantSourceNode (bug 1308432

   - We fixed a lot of our WebRTCintermittent failures (too many to list
   here, but they are all listed below), but we believe this will make the
   product more stable for users

Maire Reavy