From:  Sebastian Zartner <>
Date:  07 Jul 2017 04:51:59 Hong Kong Time

Re: Updating mailing list links on


Hi Janet,

it would be good if you provided a list of the pages you changed, so
localizers can update them accordingly.


On 19 June 2017 at 18:45, Janet Swisher  wrote:
> One of the tasks we have to do before completely switching from mailing
> lists to Discourse is to update all the pages on MDN that reference the
> mailing lists so that they point to the Discourse forum instead. Some of
> these are textual links, and some are generated by macros.
> On 6/19/17 09:48, Chris Mills wrote:
>> [chrismills]    chrismills
>> June 19
>> Hello all,
>> Last week, I:
>>   * Updated the communitybox, discussionlist, and topicbox macros to
>>     reference the new discourse category, rather than the outdated
>>     mailing lists/newsgroups:
> I updated all the English pages I could find that had textual links to the
> mailing lists. Waiting for your PR to go to production so I can update all
> pages that use those macros.
> I will need help with updating all the translated pages that have links to
> mailing lists or use those macros. There are 33 locales that need to have
> pages to be updated. I have a spreadsheet that tracks those pages, so
> localizers don't have to go find them. I will send out another message when
> I think we're ready to start updating those pages.
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