From:  Felix Miata <>
Date:  06 Jul 2017 02:22:44 Hong Kong Time

Re: Feedback about MDN


It's not clear on landing there directly whether the above is an example of the
new design, or simply discusses it. Only after loading can it be reasonably assumed to be an example.

A-minus for its styling. Maximum contrast (black on white) of optimal text size
(1rem) in the primary content area only misses perfection in:

1: its usurping of the font designer's leading specification (line-height 1.6
instead of normal);

2: overriding my optimal default sans-serif font-family with a web font.

Both of these faults are minor, especially compared to the disaster of anemic
gray mousetype that pervades today's web generally, and flagship sites like in particular, e.g. .
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