From:  Henri Nathanson <>
Date:  02 Jul 2017 17:32:09 Hong Kong Time

Feedback about MDN


Hi Guys,

I am doing web developing and lately moving from backend to frontend. I 
was really happy about the sources found under "MDN" on the web. I do 
click its Google search results more likely than e.g. w3schools. The 
site is just nicer and the information seems more distinct. But I was 
wondering all the time "Boah, hello! How come Microsoft is setting up 
such a resource website after all? They really make themselves likeable 
here.". So what my thinking. About a dozen times and more in the last 
months. And just today I realize MDN is not MSDN. I am just the most 
stupid idiot in the world. To excuse myself, I probably just mixed it 
up, because some resources about Javascript are provided by MSDN. But 
you guys should really think of your branding here. Where is your 
Mozilla-power? How can it be possible you create a website which I do 
not recognize as Mozilla??? You can work with big teeth, glowing eyes, 
monster power and just the whole fun of Kaiju and - let's just have a 
bit more fun with work - attitude. ... I think you guys have a marketing 


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