From:  Janet Swisher <>
Date:  20 Jun 2017 05:56:26 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Feedback Requested] MDN discussions migrating to Discourse


We're now two weeks into using Discourse, while still keeping the old 
mailing lists available.

How's it going?

If you're using Discourse, how do you like it?

What bugs, issues, or papercuts have you run into?

If you're still using the mailing lists, what's keeping you from using 

In the migration timeline I initially proposed[1], I suggested we could 
start the shutdown of the mailing lists this week, or wait until after 
the All-Hands and various holidays (week of July 10). Since we're still 
working on replacing references to the mailing lists in various places, 
I'm inclined to wait for the later date. Is that overly cautious?

Any other thoughts about this migration?




On 6/5/17 16:03, Janet Swisher wrote:
> =Summary=
> We're moving to Discourse!
> Please start using the "MDN" category: 
> You can also start a discussion by sending an email message to: 
> =Details=
> The public discussions related to MDN that currently take place 
> mailing lists/google groups/newsgroups are now migrating to Mozilla's 
> web-based Discourse instance, in the "MDN" category. You are 
> encouraged to use the web interface for these discussions, though it 
> is possible to interact with Discourse (almost) entirely by email if 
> you prefer.
> ==How do I use Discourse?==
> Refer to the following pages for helpful instructions:
>   * Signing up and logging in
>     ;
>     if you have a Mozilla LDAP account, you can use that instead of
>     "Login with email".
>   * Subscribing to categories and topics
>     ;
>     you should subscribe to the "MDN" category; anything else is your
>     preference.
>   * (optional) Set up a mailing list experience for yourself
>     ;
>     for filtering purposes, notifications for the MDN category have
>     "[MDN]" in the Subject line, and ""
>     in the From line.
> If you use Discourse via email, you can reply to a message by replying 
> to the notification email that you receive. If you want to intersperse 
> comments inline within a reply, please put two carriage-returns before 
> and after your inline chunks, so that Discourse parses them correctly.
> ==What's happening to the mailing lists?==
> The current mailing lists will continue to work during the transition 
> period. It's reasonable to continue existing threads via the mailings 
> lists. However, I encourage you to start new discussions using 
> Discourse instead.
> We will evaluate when to permanently shut down the mailing lists based 
> on the issues with Discourse, if any, that arise during the transition.
> ==What if I have a problem with Discourse?==
> If you have questions about using discourse, check the Help category:
> If your question isn't already answered there, you can post it in that 
> category.
> If you have a problem that you're confident is a bug, or if you're 
> unable to access the Help category, you can file a Github issue with 
> Mozilla Participation Systems:


Janet Swisher 
Mozilla Developer Network 
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