From:  Дмитрий Б. <>
Date:  11 Jun 2017 15:48:38 Hong Kong Time

RichTextEditor clipboard security pref does not works





First of all - Firefox is my favorite browser for many years and it's great
that you not trying to make "something absolutely new as new idiotic Opera",
but keeps the best of previous versions and adds new functions. Great job!


At one my site I have a RichTextEditor at admin control panel. When I makes
Copy-Paste of any text at RichTextFormat by the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V all works
fine! But when I trying to do this via mouse right click menu - Firefox (or
RichTextEditor) sends me to that instruction for RichTextEditor clipboard
security preferences:


Unfortunately this instruction does not works at all folders Local/Roaming
at user.js and at pref.js too.


Can you help to fix it?