From:  Stephanie Hobson <>
Date:  06 Jun 2017 05:50:12 Hong Kong Time

Drafts disabled for new pages


Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago we discussed and agreed to disable the auto save draft
feature on new pages.

That change has gone into production.

BUT, the data has not been erased, if you desperately need a draft of a new
page you had been working on you can still recover it from local storage
using the developer tools. Let me know if you need help with that and I
will post steps.

There's still a chance that all the bugs that made it a good idea to remove
the feature in the first place will have interfered with saving the draft
though :(

If you're working on a new page you can either:
1) work locally and wait until you are ready to publish to put the page on
2) create the page with a draft warning and then edit the page

The draft autosave should work much more reliably on editing and
translation pages now! Please file bugs if you find something amiss.