From:  Sebastian Zartner <>
Date:  06 Jun 2017 00:18:55 Hong Kong Time

Re: Teaching "Tagging hygiene"


Simple improvements:
The simplest way to teach contributors about this is probably to fix the
link behind the question mark besides the "Tags" headline in edit mode. It
currently links to,
which redirects to,
losing the anchor and therefore making it hard to get to the right info.
Btw., the same happens for the other links in edit mode, so they all need
to be adjusted.

Further improvement might be to somehow emphasize the link to the "How to
properly tag pages" page in the "Editor UI elements" article.

Also, currently the tag suggestions are missing several important items. In
the CSS area these are e.g. "CSS Selector", "CSS Property", "CSS Data
Type", etc. So those should be added.

Advanced improvements:
Besides these simple changes, there are some improvements that need some
more work but result in an improved tagging experience.
Some points I can think of are:

- Automatically add all existing tags to the suggestions. => Makes it
easier to choose the right tags.
- Add a description for each tag (either while adding them or in a separate
wiki page). => Makes it easier to choose the right tags.
- Maybe throw a message when saving an article that doesn't have any tags.
=> Might be a bit obtrusive but would make contributors aware that they
need to add tags.
- Automatically add tags based on the article and category. => Huge
improvement, though probably hard to implement (right). And it carries the
risk that contributors may forget to add tags that didn't get added


On 24 May 2017 at 19:03, Eric Shepherd  wrote:

> Related to the other topic about reviewing our tagging guidelines, I’d
> like to bring up the notion of teaching proper “tagging hygiene.” By this,
> I mean teaching MDN contributors to not only remember to include tags on
> pages, but to tag properly so that everything behaves as expected.
> At a minimum that means including the basic tags described by the tagging
> guide when creating pages (or updating the tags on existing ones).
> The thing is, I’m not sure how to go about steering users into doing this
> well without making platform changes to help automate it (which I’ve
> submitted a proposal for, but realistically don’t expect to see happen
> anytime soon).
> So — do you have ideas on how we can teach this important skill to MDN
> contributors?
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