From:  Scott Michaud <>
Date:  04 Jun 2017 06:25:20 Hong Kong Time

Re: What is an API?


API means "application programming interface". Basically, it's the 
functions and data structures that some platform exposes to allow 
software to be built on top of it. How these functions and data 
structures are /actually/ handled can vary by implementation, just as 
long as the data going in and out of the API behaves as expected 
(depending on how rigid the API's specification is).

A good example is Web API. Every web browser is coded very differently, 
but every website should behave in roughly the same way. Some things are 
less rigid, like intricacies in how fonts are rendered, while others are 
very strict, like the way a container size is calculated.

Programming is all about transforming data from one form to another. 
APIs are like the language rules that an entity defines to communicate 
with their software.

Hope this helps!

On 6/3/2017 5:18 PM, Ken. A Sandoval Ruiz wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if someone can tell me what's an API?
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