From:  Janet Swisher <>
Date:  03 Jun 2017 01:46:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Feedback requested] Proposed phases and timeline for Discourse migration


On 5/31/17 13:47, Eric Shepherd wrote:
> This plan sounds pretty good, with the addition of time to update 
> macros and other MDN content which links to mailing lists. I worry a 
> little that the schedule is a little overenthusiastic, but I may be wrong.

I'm glad to hear you like the plan. Chris has added a user story to the 
upcoming sprint for changing all the mailing list links on MDN, which I 
plan to help with, and I welcome help from others as well.

The schedule for shutting down the mailing lists in the week of June 19 
is a bit aggressive, which is why I included the option of pushing it to 
the week of July 10, if necessary. We could push it out further than 
that if we run into unexpected blockers. But I see no reason not to get 
started with the transition as soon as possible,
>> On May 30, 2017, at 3:25 PM, Janet Swisher > > wrote:
>> Given that our biggest blocker for migration (email replies) has been 
>> fixed, and the other issues have a workaround or a plan for fixing, I 
>> believe we are ready to move forward with the migration process.
>> Please let me know if I have missed any steps, factors, or 
>> considerations.
>> I see this as happening in 3 phases:
>> 1. Initiation of Discourse
>> 2. Transition from mailing lists to Discourse
>> 3. Shutdown of mailing lists
>> Here are the steps that I see for each phase:
>> =Initiation
>> * Create Discourse category and mail-in address for MDN.
>> * Announce change and timeline officially on all lists, with
>>   instructions on joining Discourse and setting up email-only usage if
>>   desired.
>> * Change mailing list settings so that footers and other automatic
>>   messages describe the change and link to how to join Discourse. (See
>>   [1] for details.)
>> * File a bug to remove MDN mailing lists/google groups/newsgroups from
>>   the master "Forums" list[2], preferably replacing them with links to
>>   Discourse.
>> =Transition
>> * Begin using the MDN category on Discourse.
>> * Report any issues encountered in early usage.
>> * Change links to the mailings lists on MDN to point to Discourse.
>> =Shutdown
>> * Send announcement of final switch-over.
>> * Change mailing list settings to reject all postings, with a message
>>   directing the user to Discourse. (See [1] for details.)
>> The timeline for these phases could be this:
>> * Initiation: Starting the week of May 29
>> * Transition: Starting the week of June 5
>> * Shutdown: Either the week of June 19 if things are going well, or
>>   the week of July 10, if we want more transition time, and to avoid
>>   the weeks of the All-Hands, Canada Day, and US Independence Day.
>> [1] 
>> [2]
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