From:  Chris Mills <>
Date:  24 May 2017 16:18:34 Hong Kong Time

MDN weekly work update


Hi there,

I’ve decided to resurrect our weekly progress mail, where we talk about the things we’ve been working on. As part of this, I’d also like to invite people to share anything they'd like help with, so others can see places on MDN where they can get involved and contribute.

This is not just for MDN staff either — volunteers can feel free to respond with their own items!

Chris’s work last week

1. Developed procedure for dealing with "secure context features" (

You can add to the list of secure context-only features here:

I’ve also created some macros to generate banners and inline indicators allowing us to mark secure context-only features. These will be available as soon as they’ve been merged into the main kumascript repo.

2. Updates to Selection API (

The spec has had some minor updates, so I’ve documented them (changes to some parameters of collapse() and extend(), addition of empty(), setPosition(), and deleteFromDocument())

3. Service workers updated to use standard MessageEvent for messages instead of the ServiceWorkerMessageEvent

The MessageEvent docs were mostly missing, so I documented it thoroughly ( This is really nice to have done, as all modern messaging technologies (channel messaging, server-sent events, web sockets, etc.) use it.

4. documented