From:  Janet Swisher <>
Date:  24 May 2017 04:21:22 Hong Kong Time

Status of Discourse issues


Summary: All our major issues are fixed, have a workaround, or have a 
plan for fixing in Q3 or Q4.

Thanks for everyone's feedback on the Discourse "mailing list parity" 

Below is the current status of the issues that we identified as 
problematic for migrating the public MDN mailing lists to Discourse.

=Simplify email-out to support responding inline

Status: Fixed! Hooray! Leo removed the wrapper table in HTML 
notification emails, which makes replying inline significantly easier. 
(Jeff Atwood: "The HTML email was in a giant table for /zero good 
reasons/." [emphasis in original]) Leo is also planning to remove more 
clutter[2] from the notification emails in Q3.

=Support inviting recipients to topic by copying them on email

Workaround: Create the topic via email, and then separately email other 
recipients a link to the Discourse topic.

Status: Upstream work related to this is planned for the 
release-after-next of Discourse[1], to be delivered probably in Q3 or Q4.

=Fix incorrect threading with email-in replies

Status: This is mainly an issue for the web UI. Threading works in Gmail 
and Nylas. In Thunderbird, replies can get separated from their initial 
post, but otherwise thread together. Work is in progress to fix this, to 
be completed in Q3.

=Expose other recipients of pm

Status: This is clear in the web UI, just not in email notifications. 
Fixing it depends on upstream work to be delivered in Q3 or Q4[1] (same 
as inviting recipients by copying)

If anyone wants to follow along, comment on, or help with Discourse 
issues, they are being tracked in a Kanban board[3]. The ones that 
affect things we've talked about are tagged with "mdn".


Janet Swisher 
Mozilla Developer Network 
Community Strategist