From:  Chris Mills <>
Date:  11 May 2017 04:13:26 Hong Kong Time

Representing secure context API features on MDN


Hi all,

I’ve just been trying to document a feature that is available only in a secure context[0][1], and it struck me that this is the first I’ve ever come across one.

So, I am thinking about how we should represent these on MDN.

[0] Provides a good definition, and the start of a list of APIs available in secure contexts, but I was thinking that we should:

a. Break out the list to a separate page that lists all the features available only in secure contexts, in the same way that we do for web workers [2]
b. Create macros to display a block banner/header, and an inline ribbon/tag stating that a feature is available only in secure context.

Any opinions or concerns here? Do we already have this stuff, and I’ve just not found it yet? ;-)

Best regards,

Chris Mills
     MDN content lead || Mozilla || MDN || @chrisdavidmills