From:  Gautham B A <>
Date:  03 May 2017 01:48:31 Hong Kong Time

Re: Need to update bookmarks API compatibility


Sir, it would be my honour to update this doc as this is going to be my
first contribution. ☺

Please let me know when the WebExtensions data will be updated to the new
JSON schema so that I can update the doc.


On May 2, 2017 11:05 PM, "William Bamberg"  wrote:

On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 9:56 PM, Gautham B A 

> Hi all,
> With the recent creators update for Windows 10, the "bookmarks API" has
> been added to the Edge browser -
> us/microsoft-edge/extensions/api-support/supported-apis

That's exciting! I did not know that.

> However, it seems like the bookmarks API documentation page on Mozilla -
> has not been updated.
> I tried to edit the section "Browser compatibility" in the page. All I
> could find was "{{WebExtBrowserCompat}}" under it and nothing that I could
> edit to update the compatibility. Could someone please tell me if it's
> possible to edit the browser compatibility table in that page?

The data used to build that table is stored here:
browser-compat-data, and we happily accept pull requests...usually. Right
now we are in the middle of updating the data to a new JSON schema, so I'd
rather not take any updates to it. But I do hope that I will have updated
the WebExtensions data in the next couple of days, and can let you know
then if you would like to update it yourself. If you wouldn't like to
update it yourself, I can :).

I've filed so no one