From:  Janet Swisher <>
Date:  26 Apr 2017 04:26:31 Hong Kong Time

[ACTION REQUESTED by 2017-04-26] Re: Discourse "mailing list parity" prioritization


So far, I see votes from two people in this etherpad. If you have 
opinions about these issues, please record them in the etherpad by 
end-of-day Pacific time on Wednesday (April 26). After that, I will 
respond to ParSys with our prioritized list.

On 4/19/17 16:10, Janet Swisher wrote:
> At the bottom of the etherpad where we've collected our requirements 
> for migrating to Discourse 
> (, 
> I've pasted in the list from ParSys of items that are needed for 
> Mozilla's Discourse implementation to reach "mailing list parity". 
> I've added links to background (issues, bugs, or discussion) where 
> available, because the descriptions are not all self-evident.
> Please put a +1 by items you think are a BLOCKER for migrating MDN 
> discussions to Discourse. (Don't add +1 to things you think are just 
> "nice to have".)
> Put a -1 by items you think are NOT RELEVANT for migrating MDN 
> discussions to Discourse.
> Because etherpad often loses track of attribution colors, please put 
> your name or initials in parentheses next to your votes.  For example: 
> +1(jswisher)


Janet Swisher 
Mozilla Developer Network 
Community Strategist