From:  Mark Walters <>
Date:  25 Apr 2017 18:00:34 Hong Kong Time

comment on doc



I am not a web developer (yet) although i am in IT, however i got to this
page out
of curiosity following the Gmail notification  (learn more) option.  This
page was very informative and helpful even though i have virtually no
Java(script) knowledge as yet, but I do have one piece of feedback that I
feel is quite important, namely the detail on what browsers support this
functionality.   Ideally, this kind of info should be near the top of an
article, so one can quickly determine if it worth reading on.  Finding out
that this is not supported by IE (yet?) was quite a surprise - well maybe
not that big a surprise considering MS like to do their own thing, but I
might have decided not to continue reading if I had know that sooner.
(Yes, I am using Firefox at home, but some employers push MS products quite
hard, so I am less likely to use a feature if it is not also supported
fairly widely).