From:  Julien Sphinx <>
Date:  12 Apr 2017 01:15:02 Hong Kong Time

Locasprint #5: newcomers, top pages…


Hello MDN,

The fifth "locasprint" took place this week-end (08th April - 09th 
April) and the French speaking community, especially newcomers, gathered 
in Mozilla Paris to localize strings on Pontoon, posts and MDN articles :)

Here are some metrics:

- 20 new pages were created
- 152 revisions were written
- and *most importantly 9 new users did their first contribution to MDN* 
by creating new translations, updating, doing editorial reviews.

With Jean-Yves, we built a pad containing the top pages of MDN (i.e. 
most viewed according to Google Analytics) that needed an update in 
French: (cf. PS#2)

- Top pages motivate people who don't know where to start/to contribute 
next ("value oriented" contribution)
- Editorial review makes it easy for non-tech contributors to contribute

I also gave a small presentation about MDN:

Thanks again for helping organize this event :)


Julien / Sphinx

P.S. Congratulations to the Bulgarian localization team :D

P.S. #2 : w/ Jean-Yves, we wondered if the top pages needed to be 
flagged l10n-priority or if a static doc-status dashboard (those top 
pages don't change that often) would be more helpful.