From:  Janet Swisher <>
Date:  11 Apr 2017 05:33:47 Hong Kong Time

Re: Bulgarian enabled on MDN staging and Production


Hi Krasimir,

That's great to hear!

As another source of guidance on what to translate, the MDN French 
community had a localization sprint over the weekend, and came up with 
this list of pages that are most-viewed in English:

On 4/10/17 17:25, Krasimir Berov wrote:
> Hello Janet,
> I am pleased to share with you (although you should have been notified 
> too) that today Bulgarian was enabled on MDN (production and staging).
> Finally I can start translating content to Bulgarian and invite 
> contributors.
> This will start happening after Easter.
> Generally I will follow the instructions in "What to translate 
> first"(
> After I have several articles I will start regularly calling for help 
> from the Bulgarian community.
> Simple enough.
> With Regards: Краси Беров


Janet Swisher 
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