From:  Eric Shepherd <>
Date:  04 Apr 2017 00:17:07 Hong Kong Time

Re: Examples on top: revising after user research


I still don’t understand what the Edit button is supposed to accomplish. It seems to just highlight a few words and empty the contents of the output box. Why? It’s puzzling.

I also agree we still need a label or heading on these boxes.
> On Apr 2, 2017, at 5:37 PM, Sebastian Zartner  wrote:
> I think one issue is also that when you click the Edit button the
> value is selected but there is no blinking caret to indicate that the
> text is editable.
> I saw that you removed the syntax highlighting from the code of some
> pages. Did you do that to indicate that they are editable?
> You're right that people don't read, though I still believe a simple
> "Try and edit the code below:" or something similar would be read by
> some at least. The label could also be placed inside the
> autocompletion popup saying something like "Edit the value or choose
> and example".

Eric Shepherd
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