From:  Chris Mills <>
Date:  30 Mar 2017 16:44:28 Hong Kong Time

Re: Handling


> On 30 Mar 2017, at 07:24, Sebastian Zartner  wrote:
> On 29 March 2017 at 12:18, Chris Mills  wrote:
>> the last time we discussed it, we came up with these needs for keywords:
>> dev-doc-needed - docs are needed, but not sure who should do them (assigned by engineers/devs)
>> mdn-doc-needed - definitely a web thing to be documented on MDN (probably assigned by us, and a few engineers who work out the new system early)
>> mdn-doc-complete - the doc is complete
>> non-mdn-doc - we won’t be documenting this; should probably go in to some kind of volunteer triage list
> If I understand this right, the meaning of dev-doc-needed then turns
> into mdn-doc-needed. Or is dev-doc-needed currently already meant to
> be for any kind of documentation, whether that's on MDN or somewhere
> else? Also, dev-doc-needed is currently mostly assigned by us, because
> (presumably) engineers/devs either simply forget to set it or just
> don't know about it. So, when the keywords are changed, this occasion
> should be used to make engineers/devs aware of the new keywords, so
> they set them by themselves.

The general idea is that dev-doc-needed is to be used to signify that some kind of documentation change/addition is needed as a result of this bug, be that on MDN or somewhere else. We as the MDN community can then change that to one of the other keywords as appropriate during our triage.

If an engineer understands where the documentation should go (MDN or non-MDN), they can set the right keyword of course. But it’s taken long enough for many of them to get used to dev-doc-needed, so we’re not going to try to move them all on to another system without a safety net. The way the above keywords are designed provides that safety net.

> Having said this, it's still a bit unclear to me what this thread and
> the new keywords are actually meant for. Is it to split Web
> documentation requests from other documentation requests like product
> documentation? IIUC, mdn-doc-needed is meant for Web technology, while
> dev-doc-needed + non-mdn-doc is meant for some Mozilla specific
> technology, right?

Yeah, you’ve basically got it right. This change is to support the movement of product/moz-specific docs that are no longer a priority for us off the site, to provide a way to differentiate docs needs between MDN and non-MDN.

> Sebastian