From:  Sebastian Zartner <>
Date:  30 Mar 2017 14:24:32 Hong Kong Time

Re: Handling


On 29 March 2017 at 12:18, Chris Mills  wrote:
> the last time we discussed it, we came up with these needs for keywords:
> dev-doc-needed - docs are needed, but not sure who should do them (assigned by engineers/devs)
> mdn-doc-needed - definitely a web thing to be documented on MDN (probably assigned by us, and a few engineers who work out the new system early)
> mdn-doc-complete - the doc is complete
> non-mdn-doc - we won’t be documenting this; should probably go in to some kind of volunteer triage list

If I understand this right, the meaning of dev-doc-needed then turns
into mdn-doc-needed. Or is dev-doc-needed currently already meant to
be for any kind of documentation, whether that's on MDN or somewhere
else? Also, dev-doc-needed is currently mostly assigned by us, because
(presumably) engineers/devs either simply forget to set it or just
don't know about it. So, when the keywords are changed, this occasion
should be used to make engineers/devs aware of the new keywords, so
they set them by themselves.

Having said this, it's still a bit unclear to me what this thread and
the new keywords are actually meant for. Is it to split Web
documentation requests from other documentation requests like product
documentation? IIUC, mdn-doc-needed is meant for Web technology, while
dev-doc-needed + non-mdn-doc is meant for some Mozilla specific
technology, right?