From:  Jean-Yves Perrier <>
Date:  29 Mar 2017 20:28:03 Hong Kong Time

Re: Handling


The fundamental point why Kadir has to draft and publish the policy 
(that is one year old in fact), is that it has not been announced to any 
Mozilla team yet that product documentation is no more handled by the 
MDN DT and that we want to get rid of this documentation from the MDN site.

We just don't want that people to learn it on the side by asking about 
these new keywords. That's the product owner responsibility to announce 
this, and to drive the migration of this content (together with the head 
of developer marketing that still wants to keep somewhere), and to 
communicate about the migration plan.

I don't know when this will happen, not sure if this is in the Q2 OKR or 


On 29/03/2017 11:18, Chris Mills wrote:
> The way I understood it, we would need management (i.e. Kadir) to draft a policy change and deal with that side of things, before we then went ahead and requested the new bugzilla keywords.
> the last time we discussed it, we came up with these needs for keywords:
> dev-doc-needed - docs are needed, but not sure who should do them (assigned by engineers/devs)
> mdn-doc-needed - definitely a web thing to be documented on MDN (probably assigned by us, and a few engineers who work out the new system early)
> mdn-doc-complete - the doc is complete
> non-mdn-doc - we won’t be documenting this; should probably go in to some kind of volunteer triage list
> This is an essential part of the communication we need to do with the rest of the company to say exactly what they can expect from MDN, and how we can help them with the docs they need (whether they will be on MDN or not). I’m also happy to help work on this, by drafting a proposal, taking part in discussion, etc.
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>> On 28 Mar 2017, at 17:50, Eric Shepherd  wrote:
>> We keep saying we need to formalize how we handle documentation bugs/requests. I think we should schedule a meeting and make a final decision on what to do with these bugs (one possibility is to add a keyword for non-mdn-doc-needed or some such and then use that and reassign the bugs to the engineering team related to the content), then implement whatever we need to do in order to make it happen (like request new keywords).
>> One open question: do we need approval from someone in management to make this change?
>> I’d be happy to take on scheduling a discussion if there’s anyone else who thinks this should be done.
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