From:  "Eric Shepherd (Sheppy)" <>
Date:  25 Mar 2017 21:59:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Clarification on Listing the Constructor on an Interface Page


First, yes, I think the constructor should be the first thing listed. After all, nothing else matters until you’ve built the object. :)

Second, I’m torn on “Constructor” vs. “Constructors” as the heading. Yes, there may be multiple forms, but they all have one name and should be documented on one page. I tend to consider those a single constructor which takes different combinations of parameters. However, it’s a gray area and not of huge importance to me.

Eric Shepherd
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> On Mar 24, 2017, at 5:27 PM, Jean-Yves Perrier  wrote:
> In webidl, several constructor may be listed. In JavaScript, it is a bit of a special beast.
> I would say Constructors as we can choose to list several of them, differing by their parameters.
> Curious to have the opinion of others here.