From:  Jean-Yves Perrier <>
Date:  25 Mar 2017 05:27:28 Hong Kong Time

Re: Clarification on Listing the Constructor on an Interface Page


On 24/03/2017 16:07, Joe Medley wrote:
> Gang,
> I think there may be some unresolved issues with how constructors are documented (or at the very least the instructions for them).
> I looked at the "Structure of an Interface Page" section ( of "How to write an API Reference". It doesn't say whether they go before, after, or between Properties and Methods. I don't have hard data, but it looks to me like most authors have chose before (my personal preference).
I always put them before.
> I also notice that many people say "Constructors" instead of "Constructor". I know it's consistent with the other headings, but may not be logical with regard to the actual interface.
In webidl, several constructor may be listed. In JavaScript, it is a bit 
of a special beast.

I would say Constructors as we can choose to list several of them, 
differing by their parameters.

Curious to have the opinion of others here.


Jean-Yves Perrier
Senior St. Project Manager, Developer Documentation / MDN