From:  Germano CorrĂȘa <>
Date:  17 Mar 2017 19:19:55 Hong Kong Time

Considerations about the ARIA role textbox example in MDN


Hello! I'm new here, so I'm sorry for any mistakes.

I was digging about WAI-ARIA roles, and I found out the MDN page about
using the textbox role:

As said in W3C's document Notes on Using ARIA in HTML (, I shouldn't be redundant in
implementing ARIA. Avoid using the role button in a button element, or in a
input element which its type is "button", for instance.

Considering this, it wouldn't redundant to use the textbox role in a input
element which its type is text, or in a textarea element? Role's main
objective it's to provide semantic information for assistive technologies
when the native element can't provide de right information, or when the
native element can't be used (or it doesn't exist). But, as far I know,
native elements for text input already provide the right info, and
assistive technologies display them correctly. Despite the fact that create
a input text element "from scratch" doesn't sound like a good idea, and
possibly this fact would make the textbox role useless, is there any better
example for it?

The button role, for instance, has an exemple using a simple div element,
which later it would be stylized as a button and through JS it would have
the same behavior as a button. Developers don't often create buttons from
scratch, but it's a better example than using the role in button element.
Shouldn't it be the same with textbox role, or am I missing something here?

Germano CorrĂȘa