From:  William Bamberg <>
Date:  17 Mar 2017 07:37:34 Hong Kong Time

Examples on top: revising after user research


Hi dev-mdc!

Stephanie and I have been working on revising the new pages in response to
the user research we did (

We've now updated all the "Prototype" links at with
revised pages.

I haven't yet removed autocomplete but still intend to do this.

I kept the old pages around in case you want to so a side-by-side
comparison, e.g.



There are still a few more things to do, but this is basically what we're
proposing to go with for the A/B tests.

I should respond to one comment that was made in the summary doc: it was
suggested that we could fix people not knowing that the box was editable by
labelling it. Unfortunately, I don't think people read anything, and are
more likely to rely on cues like the styling of the boxes to decide whether
it's inviting you to edit. Also, this wasn't a *huge* problem in the tests:
most people did actually successfully edit stuff. It was autocomplete that
was really not usable.