From:  Kadir Topal <>
Date:  17 Mar 2017 04:44:59 Hong Kong Time

summary of broader aspects of user research results


Hi all!

When we conducted our user research last Thursday, we were particularly interested in how people would use the „examples-on top“ prototypes, but we were also able to see the context for how people land on MDN or similar pages and how they use sites like MDN in their work. 

Will has already summarized the results for the „examples-on-top“ prototypes, the following is my summary of the broader aspects of the user research/user testing: 

The observations in that document were incidental, with examples-on-top being the main question and the one we had prototypes to test for. The main recommendation is that we follow up with testing of specific things. That said, there are some valid conclusions we can already draw from this initial test. 

Let me know please if you have questions, and of course any comment you have on the observations or recommendations.