From:  potappo <>
Date:  03 Aug 2012 21:08:05 Hong Kong Time

Fwd: MDN Kuma wiki launch Friday at 10 AM PDT


potappo です。

今日、 Kuma に移行するとのアナウンスが出ています。

日本では今夜の深夜午前 2 時となります。

developer-new はすべて通常の developer にリダイレクトされるようです。


最近の更新ページ (Recent Changes) は実装されないままのようです。

RSS フィードは以下が使える可能性があります。


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From: Sheppy 
Date: 2012/8/3
Subject: MDN Kuma wiki launch Friday at 10 AM PDT

That's right! We're finally ready to throw the switch! Tomorrow (that
is, Friday, August 3, 2012) we intend to switch from the current
MindTouch-based wiki to our new Kuma platform for the Mozilla
Developer Network wiki. The changeover should happen at about 10:00 AM
Pacific Daylight Time.

At that time, there should be, at most, a few moments of downtime,
then the site should be running on the new system.

A few things you might need to know:

* There's lots more stuff we're planning to do to make Kuma even
better than it already is. You may even notice some stuff that isn't
done yet. However, weeks and weeks of testing have told us that it
works very well, so we decided it was time to go ahead and launch.
* We have updated documentation for using the wiki that you might like
to look over, as well as an updated Editor guide.
* Things are different! You will run into stuff that doesn't work the
way you're used to. It should look pretty familiar, by and large,
though, and most people won't notice the changes unless they look
* There's a big "Report a bug" button at the top-right corner of the
window. Please use it! Any time you have a problem, concern, see
something that looks wrong, or have an idea for a brilliant way to
improve the system, click it and follow the handy wizard that will
help you file your bug. We want the MDN wiki to rock, and you can help
make it so.

We will be sharing additional information about where we are and where
things are going over the next week or two, and, of course, for the
foreseeable future as we continue development. Indeed, the MDN
development team is getting together for a week of meetings next week
to rehash processes and sort out priorities for what to work on next.
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