From:  pmo <>
Date:  11 Dec 2018 00:31:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: []: Newsletter and CPG pages


Hello Michael,

The files will be delivered by tomorrow. I will send out an email once 
everything is in Pontoon and give the impacted communities a chance to 
review if they choose. I will activate the new files accordingly after I 
hear back from each of the communities.

Thank you for checking in!


On 12/9/18 11:18 PM, Michael 'Coce' Köhler wrote:
> Hi Peiying,
> I’d just like to ask where we are on this one. According to Pontoon, the
> translation is supposed to be finished this Thursday and so far I
> haven’t seen translations added. If the deadline is correct, it’s about
> time we had some translations, in particular if we are supposed to
> review them.
> Regards,
> Michael
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