From:  Michael Wolf <>
Date:  09 Feb 2018 01:08:03 Hong Kong Time

Re: Account on deleted?


Peiying Mo schrieb:
> Hello Michael,
> I repeated the steps you listed here, deliberately attempted to log in by
> using the "email" option as you described. When the link arrived, I copied
> the link to a different browser (not the usual one or it will log in with
> my LDAP), and it gave me an error message.
> I will report the problem and cc you to the bug.

Hi Peiying,

thank you for your reply and for reporting the bug. There are already 
some bugs relating to log in issues with

BTW, also the Github option does not work:

"Sorry, you may not login using GitHub. Please instead always login with 

And then, using LDAP, the 2-step verification does not work, either.