From:  Trung Ngo <>
Date:  12 May 2015 18:25:52 Hong Kong Time

Re: [URGENT] Completing Firefox desktop in Vietnamese


Hi Jeff,

We are aware of this and I personally have been combing through the user1
translation phase for the past week. We're looking forward to organize a
l10n sprint this week to address the issue.

On the other hand, issue #1159514 about finishing the webparts is also
urgent. I wonder at this time which one is more urgent so we can better
focus our efforts?

2015-05-11 22:57 GMT+07:00 Jeff Beatty :

>  Hi all,
>  Firefox in Vietnamese has recently become very popular in Vietnam. We
> have seen a large increase in the number of downloads and usage for Firefox
> in the country.
>  Because it has been a long time since the Vietnamese localization has
> been completely translated, these new users are installing a partially
> localized version of Firefox. In order to encourage these users to remain
> with Firefox in Vietnamese, we need to give them a complete Firefox
> localization.
>  Please take time to contribute to Firefox localization so that the open
> web can grow in Vietnamese. The need is urgent; please help.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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> *Jeff Beatty*
> Localization Engineer
> @mozilla_l10n 
> 801.367.3763

Best regards,
Trung "Chin" Ngo

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