From:  "Truong Anh. Tuan" <>
Date:  16 Jan 2014 21:36:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: [FEEDBACK NEEDED] User perception of machine translation in Vietnam


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> Sent: Thursday, January 16, 2014 8:09:21 PM
> Subject: [FEEDBACK NEEDED] User perception of machine translation in Vietnam
> If you have a few minutes in the next day or so, could you please
> provide answers to the following questions:

I can share my personal opinion as follow:

>  1. What would be the most common language pairs used for machine
>     translation of web content in your region (e.g., Polish - English,
>     Polish - Vietnamese, etc.)?

Enlish - Vietnamese.

>  2. Why would a user in your region use machine translation while
>     surfing the Web?

Because of most of Internet users in Vietnam can use English fluently, it
is so cool to have a translation machine to make them easier to surf the
net. They can read English content much faster.

>  3. What type of web content do you believe a user in your region would
>     be most likely to use this feature to translate while surfing?

IMO, there are some types of content Vietnamese usually read in English:
 - technical/technology articles
 - newspapers

>  4. What are the common perceptions surrounding machine translation in
>     your region?

We sometimes use Google translate, but it is not convenience enough, IMHO,
at least for Firefox users (e.g. Chrome shows translate bar to users on

>  5. Would it be possible to find Beta testers for this feature within
>     your region? Approximately how many would you suppose would be
>     willing Beta testers?

Not sure. I may say: hundreds.

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