From:  Nguyễn Vũ Hưng <>
Date:  07 Dec 2011 19:59:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Meetup: Mozilla (and OLP, ACM/ICPC, MHST, FOSS, HanoiLUG)


2011/12/7 Truong Anh. Tuan 
> > Some people tied to Windows (and even IE) because of their work, the
> > company policies.
> > Let's help them.
> What should we help them?

Help them start using free software, step by step.

This is what I am trying to do.
Attend events, being active on various FOSS activities...
that what I am doing.

> Again, people are freedom to choose their softwares. However, one of our
> missions is to encourage and help them to use free/opensource ones, such
> as Firefox.

For average user Joe, I am talking with them as a PC user, I talk
about computer,
and mention alternative FOSS and see how they act.

cf. "Jovi Nguyen" on FB
/me: Help her moving to "free software"
you: Tell her to use Linux/FOSS. I think this is good.

> If they still choose closed ones such as IE, that's their choice. We
> should not do anything to encourage or help them to go that wrong way.

I respect their choices.

I use FF since 1.5 and tell people that FF is better than IE in term
of security.
The technique is kind of FUD, but I use it anyway :)

I don't use Chrome :)

> Hope this is clear enough for your closed minds. ;)

It is sad to hear that.
And if I were, I would not talking to you like this.

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