From:  "Truong Anh. Tuan" <>
Date:  06 Dec 2011 16:03:02 Hong Kong Time

Re: Meetup: Mozilla (and OLP, ACM/ICPC, MHST, FOSS, HanoiLUG)


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Hi Arky,

> Glad that you brought this issue Tuan. These are very important issues.


> >> I think you should take chances to leave non-free software/community
> >> completely before. It's better to have in the community just people,
> >> especially ones would be (or would like to be) a FOSS representative,
> >> just think about free and open source software.
> Tuan, Vu Hung both have valid points.  Well FOSS communities should be
> careful not to encourage non-free software advocates. However, we need
> to understand that being a non-free software user doesn't mean that you
> have to be thrown out of FOSS community.

In the last message, I meant: FOSS advocates just encourage people to use
FOSS; do not encourage them to use closed ones (in other words, people
absolutely can use closed softwares, that's one of their rights, but it
should not be encouraged by a FOSS advocate like us).

e.g. I encourage people use FOSS all the time. If they would like to use
closed ones, that's their right, I will not support them to do that in
any ways.

Hope this makes sense, Arky.

Kind regards,