From:  Shantha Kumar <>
Date:  10 Mar 2014 17:00:31 Hong Kong Time

Re: Fwd: [ta] Launching Firefox for Android (Fennec) in Indic Languages in Firefox 31


Hi Arun,
 Thank you for sharing this. Sure count me in for any help with this. Pls
let me know if the project is available to translate already. And pls let
me know if you need further info.

For me:
Dates are fine.
I can take care of completing localization obviously may need your help to
take care of signing off etc.
No idea about any issues which we may run into in future.
I do not have any of the specified devices at this moment.

On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Arun Prakash wrote:

> FYI..
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Jeff Beatty 
> Date: 2014-03-05 22:45 GMT+05:30
> Subject: [ta] Launching Firefox for Android (Fennec) in Indic Languages in
> Firefox 31
>  Hello!
> I'm writing to talk with you about plans to ship your locale in in the
> multilocale build of Firefox for Android (Fennec) through the Google Play
> store! Your locale is one of the few that we're able to ship because
> Samsung
> has added support for Indic languages to their latest generation Android
> devices<
> >.
> We're all very excited to see your locale added to Fennec! I would like to
> plan to launch all Indic locales in Fennec version 31 and organize (with
> Indian Mozilla Reps) launch event(s) throughout the region when they launch
> in the Google Play store. I'll also plan to be present in India for the
> launch.
> Let's go over what needs to completed and the timelines. This timeline is
> specific to the six week cycle for version 31.
>   *Activity* *Assignee* *Timeline*  Translation (product/web) L10n team Now
> - 19 May
>   Productization - bug to come
>  L10n team Now - 19 May
>   Single-locale testing Regional community Now - 26 May
>   Sign-off review Jeff 26 May
>   maemo-locales (Adds locale to multilocale Fennec)
>  Jeff 27 May - 6 June
> If we keep to this schedule, then your locale will be completed and added
> to the multilocale build in Aurora before migration day so that the
> community can test it within the multilocale build during Beta.
> I feel confident that this could even be completed before 26 May. The bulk
> of the work would involve setting up Fennec on your product
> dashboards,
> following the instructions in the productization
> guideto
> select the appropriate search engines for your Fennec l10n, and
> testing
> on Android devices.
> Now, I need some information from you before I can add your locale to the
> list:
> 1) Do you have any concerns about these dates or this project?
> 2) Who from your locale will take responsibility for making sure Fennec is
> localized, tested, and signed off by 26 May?
> 3) What can I do to best support you and help you accomplish this?
> 4) What challenges do you predict you might run into?
> 5) How many people on the l10n team have access to the Samsung Galaxy
> Grand, Galaxy S4, or Tab 3 devices for testing?
> Please discuss this opportunity with your l10n team and respond to this
> email with a commitment on whether the l10n team will accept this project.
> Thanks,
> Jeff
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> *Jeff Beatty*
> Localization Engineer
> @mozilla_l10n 
> 801.367.3763
> --
> Regards,
> Arun Prakash
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Thanks & Regards
Shantha kumar