From:  Francesco Lodolo <>
Date:  20 Feb 2019 16:53:34 Hong Kong Time

Re: Is there a Tibetan(bo) locale initiated?


Hi Tennom,

Please let's keep the discussion in one place (the thread about the
project request you made in Pontoon). You don't need an hg account to
localize, and an official hg repository will be created as soon as
it's needed. All the information was already provided in my latest
answer there.


Il giorno mer 20 feb 2019 alle ore 09:17 Tennom
 ha scritto:
> Hello, my name is Tennom. I'm interested in making a Tibetan language pack for Firefox.
> I found the Tibetan team on pontoon with two projects (not firefox). I requested Firefox as a new project for Tibetan, and it's up to the approval.
> I'd like to use Hg to clone and work on the localization, but the repo doesn't have Tibetan(bo) initiated. So how do I request the initiation of bo locale? Do I apply for a commiter's access and create a new one?
> Thanks in advance,
> Tennom
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