From:  Moxelanus Moxelanus <>
Date:  05 Oct 2018 16:23:54 Hong Kong Time

Localization of Moksha in Pontoon



Could you please enable translation into Moksha in Pontoon? 


1) What Mozilla product are you hoping to localise? 

Common Voice 

2) Which language code should be used? (ISO-639-1, ISO-639-3, country code). 

ISO 639-2, ISO 639-3, mdf, RU 

3) How many plural forms are in the language? To give an example, 
how would you translate the following phrases: 

   ноль кефт - *0 rocks*
   фкя кев - *1 rock*
   кафта кефт - *2 rocks*
   колма кефт - *3 rocks*
   ниле кефт - *4 rocks *
   вете кефт - *5 rocks*
   кемонь кефт - *10 rocks*
   комсь кефт - *20 rocks*
   сяда кефт  - *100 rocks*
   тёжань кефт - *1000 rocks*
   Мон няян ноль кефт модань лангса - *I see 0 rocks on the ground*
   Мон няян фкя кев модань лангса - *I see 1 rock on the ground*
   Мон няян кемонь кефт модань лангса - *I see 10 rock on the ground*
   Мон няян кефт модань лангса - *I see rocks on the ground*

4) Are you hoping to localise alone or do you have friends that will join 
you? For sustainability of the localisation (because we're always releasing 
new versions of Firefox products that will need localising), we'd prefer to 
only ship new locales that have more than one person sustaining them. 

Working with the team working on Erzya

Thank you!