From:  Francesco Lodolo <>
Date:  04 Mar 2018 22:55:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Localisation for Mizo language speaks in Mizoram and other part of North East India


OK, here's a few more details about the path forward for Firefox,
mostly to set expectations. This will require several months, and
that's why we typically suggest to start with smaller products, since
they can lead to results (a localized product) in shorter time.

1) We enable your locale in Pontoon using
a temporary Mercurial repository for storage. Before an official
repository is created, we need to see some activity and a percentage
of translation that justifies having Nightly builds.

2) We add an official Mercurial repository and start building Nightly
for this language. There's a lot of technical details to fix at this
point, like creating a Bugzilla component, setting up searchplugins,
build system, etc. That's also the reason we introduced the first step
for new locales.

This require constant cooperation between the localization team and

At this point we also ask localization teams to start localizing While it's not mandatory to complete the localization, at
least some key pages should be completed to promote the localized

3) Locale stays on Nightly for at least 1 or 2 cycles after completing
key parts. It can move to Beta and Release only if it a) keeps up with
localization and b) builds a group of users on the Nightly channel.

4) Once in release, localization needs to be kept up to date. That's
the most boring part of the work, but also the most important. That's
also the main reason we try to avoid individual efforts, and prefer a
group of volunteers working on the localization.

We realize that's a lot to ask for, and that not everybody will be
comfortable with it, but these are the standards we have to meet to
serve an audience of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Regarding plurals: the noun doesn't change if it is associated to a
number. But does the translation change, for example, for:
"You have 1 object. Do you want to use it?"
"You have 10 objects. Do you want to use them?"

That, for example, would be the case for Turkic languages.


2018-03-04 15:42 GMT+01:00  :
> On Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 11:53:20 AM UTC+5:30, Francesco Lodolo [:flod] wrote:
>> Hi John,
>> First of all thanks for your interest in contributing to Mozilla.
>> Can you be more specific on what you'd like to translate? There are a
>> lot of projects in Mozilla, some of them requiring months or even years
>> to be completed.
>> Also take a look at the recent requests in this newsgroup for some of
>> the questions that we normally ask, for example
>> Given the number of native speakers of the language (Wikipedia has very
>> outdated information though), it's particularly important the note about
>> the number of people that would be able to support this localization effort.
>> Francesco
> Hello Francesco,
>                  Based on the link you provided me about the question you usually ask, i will answer the exact question from the link you've given me.
> 1. I want to localize Firefox browser.
> 2. Both the ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 code for Mizo (aka lushai/lusei) is "lus".
> 3. There are no special plural form for a single word/noun but a special suffix will be added on that word according to the sentence.
> e.g: children = naupang ; childrens=naupangte or naupangho or naupang rual.
> 1 rock = lung 1
> 2 rocks = lung 2
> 3 rocks = lung 3
> but, just rocks can be translated to lungte/lungho/lungrual
> As you can see, if the number is defined with it, then there is no need for a plural form.
> 4. I dont intend to do it alone, there are many who supported me and the above email address is also maintained and access by my supporters/group.
> John Vankal
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