From:  "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Date:  25 Feb 2018 14:23:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Localisation for Mizo language speaks in Mizoram and other part of North East India


Hi John,
First of all thanks for your interest in contributing to Mozilla.

Can you be more specific on what you'd like to translate? There are a 
lot of projects in Mozilla, some of them requiring months or even years 
to be completed.

Also take a look at the recent requests in this newsgroup for some of 
the questions that we normally ask, for example!topic/

Given the number of native speakers of the language (Wikipedia has very 
outdated information though), it's particularly important the note about 
the number of people that would be able to support this localization effort.


> Hi Everyone,
>                I am trying to make localisation for Mizo language which is spoken in Mizoram and many parts of northeast India. I am following direction given to me by V and here i am making my presence. Anyone speaking Mizo or any one who could tell me the first/basic step in making the localisation,like where to go first so i could understand better. Any links that can help me regarding the said subject will be very helpful. Thank you all.
> John Vankal
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