Date:  13 Feb 2018 19:43:40 Hong Kong Time

Re: Localisation for Chuvash


On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 12:29:01 UTC+1, Francesco Lodolo [:flod]  wrote:
> Il 13/02/18 11.55, ha scritto:
> > Hi,
> > Could you please add Chuvash (ISO-639-1: cv, ISO-639-3: chv) to the list of languages that can be localised into.
> Hi,
> First of all thanks for your interest in contributing to Mozilla, and 
> for taking the time to answer those questions :)
> I think we should use 'cv' since the ISO-639-1 is available for this 
> language, and historically we've been using it whenever available.

Sounds fine to me.

> > 1) I'm primarily intending to localise CommonVoice, but I anticipate that there will also be interest in Firefox.
> Should we wait for Common Voice to become available, or should be enable 
> Firefox right away? There's an open bug for Common Voice, hopefully 
> we're not too far from enabling it in Pontoon. Both work for me.

Yes, please add me now for Firefox.

> Once the locale is enabled on Pontoon, I'll set you as a locale manager 
> for Chuvash.


> > 2) cv or chv depending on what system you use. The country code will be RU
> >
> > 3) There is one plural form in Chuvash but it isn't used in numeral modification, in this way it is like Turkish.
> >
> >   - 0 чул
> >   - 1 чул
> >   - 2 чул
> >   - 3 чул
> >   - 4 чул
> >   - 5 чул
> >
> >   but note that if you say "the rocks are here": "чулсем кунта." [rock.PL here]
> We recently switched all Turkic locales (az, tr, crh) to a rule with 2 
> forms, like English, to cover exactly the case you described.
> I think we should do that for this language as well, since the root is 
> the same. Would that work for you?

Yes definitely, I suspected that it might be necessary :)

> > 4) I am intending to localise in collaboration with some professional translators and I am primarily interested in working on CommonVoice. I realise it isn't in Pontoon yet, but it will be soon and I want to hit the ground running.
> That's great.

Thanks! :)