Date:  13 Feb 2018 18:55:28 Hong Kong Time

Localisation for Chuvash



Could you please add Chuvash (ISO-639-1: cv, ISO-639-3: chv) to the list of languages that can be localised into.

1) I'm primarily intending to localise CommonVoice, but I anticipate that there will also be interest in Firefox.

2) cv or chv depending on what system you use. The country code will be RU

3) There is one plural form in Chuvash but it isn't used in numeral modification, in this way it is like Turkish.

 - 0 чул
 - 1 чул 
 - 2 чул 
 - 3 чул
 - 4 чул
 - 5 чул

 but note that if you say "the rocks are here": "чулсем кунта." [rock.PL here]

4) I am intending to localise in collaboration with some professional translators and I am primarily interested in working on CommonVoice. I realise it isn't in Pontoon yet, but it will be soon and I want to hit the ground running.