From:  Francesco Lodolo <>
Date:  17 Nov 2017 21:40:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: request for Luxembourgish for Firefox


First of all thanks for your interest in contributing to Mozilla. Can
you clarify if this request is about you wanting to localize Firefox
on your own, or if there's a larger community of people interested in

I'm asking because I think it's important to set expectations:
localizing Firefox is a process that will take several months, or
years, even with a group of people actively translating it. There
won't be official builds until you reach a certain level of completion
of the main parts, at that point there will be only Nightly builds.
After that, you'll still need to find testers and complete translation
in order to move on to Beta and Release.

For this reason, we tend to discourage one-person efforts. You need
other people to help you out, so finding them should likely be the
first step.

As long as you understand this, and you're still willing to start the
translation, I can set up the locale on Pontoon (I will need some


2017-11-17 18:45 GMT+05:30 Christian :
> Hi there,
> could you please add Luxembourgish to pontoon?
> This way I could start translating Firefox.
> kind regards,
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