From:  "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Date:  01 Sep 2017 15:28:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Fwd: Starting localization to interlingua (ia) language


Il 30/08/17 07.43, ha scritto:
> Em segunda-feira, 28 de agosto de 2017 04:56:57 UTC-3, Francesco Lodolo [:flod]  escreveu:
>> Il 28/08/17 01.51, ha scritto:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> I am Rodrigo Guerra from Brazil, and so as Carmelo, I am fluent in Interlingua and, as most Interlingua speakers use Firefox, I would like to collaborate with having Firefox in that language. I have just created a Firefox account and logged in to Poonton, but it seems that Interlingua is not among the available languages yet. Would it be hard for you to add it? I am ready to collaborate.
>> Hi Rodrigo,
>> Can you try to reach out to Carmelo (assuming you didn't already) and
>> see if you can organize a community effort around this translation.
>> I've checked and Interlingua wasn't available on Pootle, so you'd be
>> starting from scratch, and Firefox is a pretty big project.
>> We've just finished moving all our active locales to Pontoon, and trying
>> to improve the sync process. Once that's done, we should we able to add
>> Interlingua, but I'd prefer to make sure there's a group of people
>> willing to contribute before doing it.
>> Francesco
> Hi Francesco,
> I know Carmelo and I am in touch with him. I know many other interlingua speakers that probably would like to participate too, some of them are members of the "Union Mundial pro Interlingua" ( I am sure we can form a strong translation team, I can coordinate it, or Carmelo, if he prefers. I have just saw your response and I am already asking for collaborators in our Telegram group. When do you expect you can finish your pending tasks and add Interlingua to Pontoon?
Thanks, I'll follow up shortly via email directly to you and Carmelo.