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Date:  28 Apr 2017 14:06:58 Hong Kong Time

Re: Getting crh locale into VCS



Jorge, could you please get all the versions that were approved since 2009 shown on the following page:
Andreas somehow & for some reason disabled all versions instead of just v52 that he intended to modify a few weeks ago.
I don't have time for Pontoon now, & might never have it. The above, might help avoid unnecessary run-arounds with Pontoon based on there having been an addon that's been keeping up with everything since 2009 (in some aspects even better than Turkish, etc.).

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De: "Reşat SABIQ" <>
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The langpack has been around since 2009 (v3.5). AMO is also giving me run-arounds, & a few weeks ago a dude there marked all versions disabled. Then i made some changes he wanted, & now only v53 is enabled.
You don't need pontoon to see if it keeps up: just look at all there versions on AMO, once i talk them into re-enabling everything that got disabled in an inexplicable fashion.
After 8 years as an addon on AMO, I'm interested in getting crh locale into VCS. Pontoon doesn't give me or anybody else anything (especially, after 8 years of work). It's gonna take months to release even if gets into VCS tomorrow. Pontoon, is a completely unnecessary run-around, IMHO.
Like the current extension, would like it to look like Turkish User-Agent from outside: Accept-Language (& hopefully other things like Firefox Help too).

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De: "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Objet: Re: Getting crh locale into VCS
Thanks for moving the discussion here (I'm the same person who replied
in the bug, just in case it's not clear).

It looks like the language pack on AMO has been updated very recently,
but I wonder how much you've been keeping up with localization changes
at Mozilla since the bug was filed (in CVS era).

For example, a recent change is that we ask localizers to work against
Nightly (language pack is for release)

And we're shortly moving towards a scenario where only one Mercurial
repository will be used to ship all versions of Firefox (cross-channel).

As explained in the bug, these days VCS is not the first choice when it
comes to new languages. We prefer to set up online tools, track progress
on them, and start looking into setting up repositories only once we've
verified the ability from the localization team to keep up with the
release schedule

Localizing Firefox is not a small task, quite the contrary. And it comes
with baggage, like localizing (how do you download Firefox
if the main download channel is not localized?), which is another big
amount of work.

There are a few things in the discussion in bug 350639 that struck me:
* It looks like you're alone in this effort, and you don't have a lot of
time to dedicate to it. Is that correct? That would be a concern, we
have a few one-man teams that manage to translate everything, but that's
not something we encourage. It's going to lead to poor experience for
you (burn-outs) and your users.
* There are privacy concerns related to the use of this language in some
regions (not the first case). It becomes really hard to promote a
language/localization in this context, also based on previous experiences.

Both points make we think that a language pack is still the most
suitable avenue for this language. I'd like to hear other people's
opinion on this though.

I hope it's clear that it doesn't represent a judgement on the language,
we have plenty of languages that ship as language packs on AMO, either
due to technical limitations or limited resources.


> Hi,
> I'd like to get crh locale into VCS in the shortest path, without any
> run-arounds.
> I thought
> would be the way to do it, but was pointed here.
> Regards,
> Reşat.
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