From:  Jacme40 <>
Date:  19 Mar 2017 02:52:36 Hong Kong Time

Request for Gascony language


> I would like to have the possibility of a translation in Gascon language
> of severals internet items.
> We only have Occitan, but we have in Occitan 7 big differents forms.
> Gascon is one of these. Many differences with Languadocian de Toulouse
> and the others from Occitanie.
> My question : How can we have the ISO for Gascon language and
> possibility to choose it to put Thunderbird, Firefox, etc ..... in
> Gascon. I'm in an association for promotion and education in our
> language. The Firefox navigator in gascon is waited by our territory.
> Thank's for your answer. I hope it, very constructive and positive for
> our land of Gascony.
> Jacme40