From:  "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Date:  25 Jan 2017 20:19:02 Hong Kong Time

Re: Revive Belarusian community


Hi Hanna,
this is great news. There's already at least one person who was 
interested in contributing (meequz)!msg/

Translation is currently available through Pontoon

The first projects to localize in order of priority would definitely be 
Firefox (desktop, android), and (I need to restore the 
previous content before exposing the project on Pontoon).

I think the first step would be to create an account on Pontoon and get 
in touch with :meequz to see how to organize the work.

As a new user you would only be able to submit suggestion, so I will 
need to upgrade your permissions to be able to submit translations and 
manage other users.


> Hi Mozilla team,
> A few people pointed out to me recently that Belarusian was removed in a recent release of Firefox. As I looked for the reason, I discovered that Belarusian community has been inactive for a while.
> I do believe, however, that I could bring it back to live. I will get people to join from:
> 1. The community that's contributing to facebook translations (around 160 people)
> 2. The community that has gathered around Belarusian language meet-ups (I'm estimating the pool at around 500 people)
> 3. A group of professional translators (small but mighty :)
> I know localization well (I lead l10n efforts for, and I can prepare glossaries and guides to help people get started. But I could really use your help understanding:
> 1. What content is out there in general
> 2. What tools are available to localize it
> Let me know what you think!
> Hanna
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