From:  "Francesco Lodolo [:flod]" <>
Date:  13 Jul 2016 13:07:51 Hong Kong Time

Re: Fwd: Starting localization to interlingua (ia) language


Hi Carmelo,
Sorry it took so much time to reply, I didn't realize I lost access to 
this mailing list.

Going back to your request. First of all thanks for your offer to 
localize Mozilla products in a new unsupported language.

Normally we set up new locales on Pootle 
( and we start thinking about setting up 
all the remaining infrastructure after they have reached a good level of 
completion and testing. That also let us verify if the translation 
effort is sustained consistently over time.
In the future it will be possible to use Pontoon as well 
(, but it's not an available option right now.

There are a few questions that I'd like to ask you:
* Are you working alone on the localization or is there a group of people?

* According to Wikipedia there are very few active speakers. Do you have 
expectations on the audience that could be reached with your 
localization? This question is strictly tied to the next one.

* There are a few projects to work on: Firefox, Firefox for Android,, Firefox for iOS.
I don't think iOS is an option, since we need support from the 
underlying OS and it's still quite limited in terms of number of locales.
Firefox is the most popular but also the largest to localize.
Firefox for Android is usually a good entry point for new locales. We 
have a language switcher inside the app that lets you select the 
language independently from the one used in Android, and also have 
builds with single locale for testing.
For both Android and desktop we ask to localize some key pages on (home, download, landing page for the product, etc.).

For example, if you expect most of the users to work on mobile devices, 
it might make more sense to focus on Android than Desktop, in order to 
optimize both your time and results.


> Hi everyone,
> I am Carmelo Serraino, from ITALY(EUROPE). I am an traducer in 
> interlingua of software: OmegaT, Linux Mint, Midoro, Gedit...), 
> Wikipedie e wikidata. I want to start a community for localization of 
> Mozilla products in interlingua. Since I am a first from this 
> activity, can anyone help me to get started?
> Thanks in advance.
> Melo (Carmelo Serraino).
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> Thanks,
> Jeff