From:  chandrakant dhutadmal <>
Date:  18 Apr 2016 12:39:52 Hong Kong Time

Re: Request for new arpitan language translation team


Hello Alexandre.
Typically, all the activities in Mozilla projects happen through a bug. It is not mandatory, but good to have to keep track of and place details on record.
It would be good to create a bug on stating "Localization for arpitan language" or similar as the heading of the bug. In case you do not have a bugzilla account, you can create for yourself and then file a bug.

Do ask for more details if you require so.

Regards,Chandrakant Dhutadmal.Mozilla India Community.

    On Monday, April 18, 2016 12:04 AM, Alexandre Raymond  wrote:

I would to start translating Firefox in my native language: arpitan.
Arpitan is a regional and minority language spoken in the ruras regions of the central Alps, in highland the region between Lyon, Geneva and Turin.
The language is mostly spoken by old persons, but there is a revitalization project, and translating some computer programs in arpitan will help our community to be proud of our language. Gnome, KDE and CyanogenMod are already (partially) translated in arpitan. The new step is Firefox.

The language name is: Arpitan
The name is also named in scientific production: "francoproven├žal" but this name is depreciated by the locutors of the language.
The language code is: frp
Language familly: latin, romance
Language scrpit: latin script with diacritics (cedilla, acute, grave, circumflexe, dot inside the letter)
The language has a simple plural: >1

Alexandre Raymond
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