From:  Arky <>
Date:  30 Oct 2015 00:30:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: Starting localization to nouchi Ivorian local language...



Sorry for delay. Am not quite sure how we can go ahead here. This is
first time we got a request for Nouchi language. Let me ask Dwayne our
African language specialist for advice.

Do you know if the Nouche languagr has a locale code?

Can we at least setup a translation project to get this team started?



On 10/29/15, Abbackar DIOMANDE  wrote:
> Le samedi 17 octobre 2015 09:03:31 UTC+1, Abbackar DIOMANDE a écrit :
>> hi dear all
>> I am Abbackar Diomande Firefox student for the Ivory Coast.
>> I am one of the most active FSA's  at this time in my country and on the
>> African continent.
>> I love mozilla technologies (Firefox and Firefox OS)
>> I work with friends on the local nouchi content , and our wish is to
>> create a team l10n to translate firefox and firefox OS in nouchi.
>> Nouchi is aIvorian local language , the second language after French.
>> I am sending this message to ask for your help.
>> Thank you ,
>> My best regards
> hi Arky
> I am still awaiting a answers from you.
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