From:  Axel Hecht <>
Date:  06 Oct 2015 05:24:49 Hong Kong Time

Re: Starting localization to Tajik language


On 10/5/15 10:58 PM, wrote:
>   Hi everyone,
> I am Mutriba Akhmedova, from TAJIKISTAN (Central Asia Country). I am an emerging leader from TechWomen 2015 program, and I am hosted by your company at San Francisco. I want to start a community in my home country for localization of Mozilla products. Since I am a first from this country, can anyone help me to get started?
> Thanks in advance.
> Mutriba.
Hi Mutriba,

welcome to mozilla.

I've done some very quick investigation of Tajik, and from wikipedia, I 
gather that the language is close to Persian, but in Cyrillic script?

Firefox or Firefox for Android are pretty big projects, and if there's 
resources or work that we can harvest to get you started, that might be 

I'll leave it to my peers to follow up on the community building thread 
you started, as that's a significant part of being able to build and 
sustain a localization effort.